Monday, August 19, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2012


Happy 1st Birthday Sofia!

Happy Birthday Sofia!!

We started the day by making some chocolate chip pancakes for the birthday girl.

As usual, she did not really care for them. Sigh!

At around 11 am, it was party time! The theme was It was polka dots! We worked on the polka dot backdrop weeks before the party and tried to use the theme everywhere we could. The cake. cookies. favor bags and our clothes!

I made most of the food & desserts. For appetizers I made hummus and served them with some pita chips & carrot sticks. We also had some goldfish crackers for the babies. I made a bean salad, chana masala and butter chicken. We ordered biryani & naan for outside. We had a drinks counter with some delicious homemade apple cider green tea.

We kept the party really small with just a few of Sofia's friends & their parents.


I absolutely love the "1" wall we worked on and the monthly pictures we displayed.

We set up a photo booth for the kids. A hot air balloon! Sadly, we lost some of the pictures of the other babies and Sofia did not want to sit in it! Here are a few pictures we managed to take!

It was time to cut the cake! The polka dot cake was really good.

We also got a smash cake for Sofia to enjoy her very first cake.

Hmmm what is this thing?

Food?! yea I don't like this!

Later in the evening I remembered we had planned a photo booth for the parents too. Most of them had already left so we only got a few.

Here is a picture of the birthday girl enjoying her first biryani

We tried getting Sofia to eat her smash cake one more time the next morning. She still did not care too much for it. Well, we tried!

Mama had to take a picture with a message for her baby
We tried getting Sofia to sit in the hot air balloon again. But she just did not want to be in it. I was pretty sad about it. All that work and no picture of my baby in the hot air balloon :(


It was time to open the presents. She had a lot of fun doing this :)